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Our Message March 2020

A message from Price Brown - April 2020

Although our office is closed it is important to us that our clients know we are actively working behind closed doors to continue to provide you with the best possible service that we can under what are challenging and difficult circumstances.

While we maintain the momentum over the coming weeks, we are also taking this time to re-evaluate and to look at ways of improving our services in the future. When regular life returns, we will all face a new and changing landscape and Price Brown will be ready to embrace these changes. A strong, stable company with over 35 years of service in Mojacar, we will emerge stronger, with new ideas, and a renewed energy.
Arguably, there is no better time to discuss your requirements. We have more time now to dedicate to you and more time to plan your purchase or sale.
To disucss your requirements you can call 678 315 638, email : sales@pricebrown.com, WhatsApp or find us on Facebook.
When our physical doors re-open, Price Brown will be ready to meet our new challenges head on.
Stay stafe and please stay in.
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