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We’re a professional solar solutions provider, with 15 years’ experience in installing cutting-edge systems in the provinces of Almería, Murcia, Granada, Málaga and Alicante, regions of southern Spain blessed with near year-round sunshine.​

We configure innovative solar solutions – with or without batteries – tailor-made to meet your individual requirements. However, we also firmly believe that these leading-edge bespoke systems needn’t be accompanied by bespoke prices. 

Our company ethos is that the needs of our customers come first. Whether you’re seeking to insulate yourself against future energy price hikes (let’s face it, they never go down, do they?), or you’re retired and are looking for a secure investment that will save you money every month, our friendly, experienced, multilingual expert team will work with you closely to design, provide and install a solution that meets your unique needs. After all, your home is personal to you, so the amount of energy that you consume and the times at which you demand it will vary.

There has never been a better time to go solar. Falling solar panel costs, combined with rising energy prices, make the decision for homeowners to install solar a money-saving one. Solar is great from an environmental perspective too, of course, enabling you to harness the power of the sun, and enjoy the benefits of the world’s cheapest, cleanest and most abundant energy source.

Why not join them in the solar-smart revolution that helps care for the planet while saving you money?

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with some of the best solar solutions in the industry, so discover more about our sector-leading services, visit our frequently asked questions section (coming soon), or contact us for more information or to arrange a no-commitment onsite visit to explore your requirements in more detail.

A household rooftop solar panel system can reduce pollution by 100 tons of CO₂ over its lifetime.

The cost of solar panels has dropped by 80% in the past decade.​

Why Eco Corp?

At Ecocorp we pride ourselves on our first-class customer service – we always aim to deliver total satisfaction for our clients and to exceed their expectations.  

Unlike some firms, we don’t just post you a kit and consider it ‘mission accomplished’ – we install your system ourselves with the utmost professionalism and spend time afterwards ensuring that you feel 100% confident with the new set-up. 

Every system we design and install is tailor-made to be both effective and efficient. From standard ‘off-the-shelf’ systems to specific, space-saving, tracking systems, we will ensure that all individual requirements are met.​


We offer some of the best products on the market to suit a range of different budgets. When we analyse your power consumption, we will recommend a solution that will meet your unique needs, thus allowing you to use your appliances as you always have or wanted to.

We design, configure and install three types of solar power systems:

On-grid systems  

        – to reduce your monthly electricity bills

Off-grid systems  

        – for homes with no existing electricity supply

Hybrid systems   

        – to run in conjunction with your mains electricity

Your energy consumption requirements are paramount. Each system is carefully configured to ensure the optimum efficiency for your home. 

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and survey, so please do contact us to explore the options available to meet your power needs and to help get you solar-smart.


Many people here in Spain own swimming pools. However, only those brave, hardcore swimmers tend to get more than four months of the year where they can comfortably enjoy their pool!

Well, if the sun’s nearly always shining, why not use your pool whenever you want to? We can configure and install a system to heat your pool to the desired temperature and maintain this fully automatically. 

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation site survey and quotation for making your pool accessible all year-round.


Solar water heaters are genuinely wonderful things! With all the sunshine we’re blessed with here in Spain, it makes total sense to harness this clean, abundant energy and enjoy free piping-hot water in your home all year. 

We’ll install a system specifically configured to meet your unique hot water usage requirements. We offer a range of solutions to to suit all properties and needs, plus our systems also have an optional electricity back-up, for those occasional rainy days.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a free, no-obligation site survey and quotation to help get you solar-smart.


In addition to the above key services, we are very happy to quote for updating your old, tired system. 

We’ll give you a part-exchange value on an old system versus a brand-new one. 

We’ll then recycle the old system to businesses seeking an older second-hand system for their low-energy requirements, such as powering the lighting in their warehouse etc. 

Please contact us for more information.


Our systems also feature remote monitoring and data capture – which means you’re in control of what you’re using and when.

Whether your system has a battery back-up or not, you can see the live and historical data of your energy usage from your smart devices, laptop or tablet.


Introducing Ecocorp Solar's new virtual cloud battery service

The Ecocorp Solar new virtual battery service offers you an opportunity to optimise your investment in solar panels.

Being ‘virtual’, they're also a massive step towards complete environmentally-friendly ‘green’ energy production 

Solar panel production is very rarely in-step with the electricity consumption of most households. As a result, circa 30% of the solar panels' productivity in any given year goes unused.

To address this - and also minimise electricity charges - customers have historically sought options to feed back or have invested in a physical battery storage system. 

Ecocorp Solar's new virtual battery service finally provides an holistic, more cost-effective solution!

Using cloud-based technology, your unused solar panel production is stored.

This gives you the unprecedented opportunity to use 100% of the production from your solar panels, without physical batteries.

The stored energy can then be drawn down at a time to suit you. For example, this might be on overcast days, periods of high electric consumption, at night or during those seasons when the solar production is less due to a combination of the shorter days and the sun being ‘lower on the horizon’.​

Ecocorp Solar, in conjunction with our specialist Spanish ‘Super Engineer’ partner can, if you choose, deal with all of the necessary technical and required administrative paperwork.

Any excesses are stored for 12 months, a perfect solution for holiday homeowners.



Introducing Ecocorp Solar's new virtual cloud battery service

Ecocorp Solar’s innovative new virtual battery solution means the energy you’ve stored can be drawn down at a time to suit you. This might be on overcast days, periods of high electricity consumption, at night or during those seasons when the solar production is less due to a combination of shorter daylight hours and the sun being ‘lower on the horizon’, for instance.

Cloud-based technology

Cutting-edge tech means your unused solar panel production is stored.

Get 100% from panels

Benefit from drawing down stored energy at a time that best suits you. 

Reduced electricity bills

Use your stored energy to reduce your electricity bills.

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